Sunday, August 12, 2007

Speaking of Hot Air

We sure hit the trifecta here in Idaho this week.

First we have the Toady Trio of Otter, Crapo and Craig whose collective ignorance of wildfire management and rancher-pandering were displayed as prominently as Pinocchio's proboscis when they trotted out their criticism of the handling of the Murphy Complex fire. Enough already. Haven't Iraq, Katrina and the obfuscation of any scientific analysis shown how disastrous it is to have Republican cronies or pols planning or implementing anything these days?

Then we have whack job My God is Better than Your God Sali showing his complete ignorance of history claiming that religious diversity and changes brought about as a result of it are bad "for the longevity of this country" and couldn't possibly have been envisioned by our forefathers. Except they were. While you (Bill) may pledge allegiance under God, our forefathers did not; neither did their money bear the words In God We Trust and oaths were not made to God.

They wanted freedom from religious persecution and for religious expression (or the right to not have religious belief at all -hence the ban of any religious test for office).

It's a good thing we ran off those white supremacists, we wouldn't want anyone thinking we were a state of bigots - it's not as though we'd elect them or pass discriminatory constitutional amendments. Yes, multiculturalism is bad. Sieg Heil, Sali! [there's got to be a song in that somewhere - later]

Finally (well, thirdly, as it won't be the end of their lunacy) we have they call me Mr. Tibbs. Who after having been rightfully rebuked [from the Statesman no less] for the bogus complaint he filed against Beiter (to the ethics committee created by this mayor) comes back for more as he whines that "I was not advised by council leadership to stay for any significant issues".

Shorter Tibbs: Nobody told me what to do; make me the leader.

Oh yeah, the complaint was unanimously rejected by the ethics panel.