Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Special: Let's Be Frank

First, if Larry Craig decides not to run for re-election, we know why. But it won't be because of any outstanding investigative reporting by a Statesman' journalist [the term could not be used more loosely]. At least Craig does his (alleged) fellating in the privacy of a men's room, while others do it on the pages of a newspaper [again, the whole loose definition]. Seriously, Mike Rogers' record in this area aside, if you don't think Larry Craig is a gay hypocritical man then your gaydar is in dire need of repair.

Second, Mr. Tibbs again. I'm sorry but I really cannot let this slide. The Boise City Council meets once a week, on Tuesdays. I know the math is hard but that's, at most, four times a month. But wait. It gets better. On only one of those Tuesdays each month -again, for clarification, that would be one day a month -that they meet during the day. You know during the hours that one might need to ... I don't know ... let's say, schedule a doctor's appointment. So Mr. Tibbs, are you honestly expecting Boiseans to believe that July 24th was the only available date for a doctor's appointment that you made in advance?

Third, Mitt Romney won the Iowa straw poll! Let's get real. Romney got 4,516 votes at a cost of ~$2,200/vote. That's on par with primary vote totals for candidates in each of Idaho's 35 legislative districts that have, let's say, a population of 40,000 people. [just to make it easy 1.4 million state population divided by 35 legislative districts] Except this is a statewide poll in a state with a population of ~3 million people. Only ~14,302 people bothered with the poll at all -so, 4,516 represents slightly less than one third of the votes cast (31.5%). Big. Deal.