Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hitting the Sauce Juice

Craig who, of course, never solicited sex in the MSP airport restroom, having lost the appeal to withdraw his guilty plea, tries another tack. Along the lines of OJ Simpson's If I Did It approach, Larry now wants us to believe (or rather a MN appeals court judge to swallow) that though he didn't do it, if he were to have done it, he should not have been able to plead guilty to it, because it would not have been a crime, as it would have represented free speech and therefore would have been protected by the Constitution.

Irony, along with hypocrisy, is alive and well in the Republican party. Craig who has acted as a rubber stamp for this administration while they have shred that same document by the use of torture, illegal wire-tapping, denial of habeas and the latest proposal of retroactive immunity for the criminally-inclined telecom corporations, thinks his solicitation of sex in a public bathroom should be a protected legal right.

We also learned that Craig had Mr. Martin (a criminal defense attorney) on retainer not merely before he entered his guilty plea but before he was even arrested.

While I never bought Craig's lie that he didn't consult an attorney before rendering his plea, the fact that he included that apparent lie in his formal (legal) filings with the court is tantamount to lying under oath. I categorize the lie as being apparent only in the sense that Larry hired an attorney to expressly defend him from the onslaught of the Idaho Statesman in efforts to out him as a nasty, naughty gay boy yet apparently was too embarrassed to let him in on his little arrest issue.

So, the saga continues and we can look forward to new allegations and other humiliating reports about the sad, pathetic, senator who refuses to admit he's no longer wanted by his party or his constituents. Maybe someday this will be made into an opera.

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