Sunday, January 27, 2008

Can They Hear You Now?

Last Thursday the U.S. Senate [The House not even being in session because the Republicans, who after their years in power with a 2 1/2-day work week are having difficulty adjusting to a nearly 4-day work week, needed a break] killed the only semi-sane FISA bill (Judiciary Committee bill) and where were your candidates ... your wanna be leaders? [I say your because I have no intention of voting for either Clinton or Obama]

Nowhere in sight. Encourage them to act like leaders and be in DC to vote no on cloture for the heinous FISA bill that the Bush Administration and GOP are pushing [with additional help from the twat, Harry Reid, who while both honoring GOP bill holds and not requiring them to actually filibuster Dem bills has failed to extend the same respect/courtesy to Senator Dodd -a member of his own party].

Read this from Senator Dodd, a former presidential candidate who has demonstrated leadership on this important issue as well as others affecting the erosion of our constitution.

Pay attention. Make some calls, send some faxes. Demand accountability. Demand oversight. Demand leadership.

Update: Well. Well. Guess the phone calls had an impact. Clinton and Obama will both be in DC to vote against cloture tomorrow.

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