Sunday, August 19, 2007

Neat Trick

Ah, yes, private prisons.

So we take one private entity (who even by IDOC Reinke's admission is going to want a return on their investment) and Otter thinks they are going to build a prison and are going to be willing wait years before they even recoup those costs let alone make a profit and we're going to save money.

First, the annual costs of maintaining those prisoners is going to be more expensive than doing so in the state system - why?

Primarily because our correctional officers are paid a pittance here in Idaho even relative to other states correctional departments let alone private entities and secondly - did I mention return on investment? That is, profit.

And we wonder how trillions in surplus not only evaporated but plowed into the reverse depths of trillions in deficit. It's the math, stupid. Not their strong suit.

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