Monday, August 27, 2007

He Said - He Said ... Right

What did I say? Can we now call him out for the amoral, hypocritical lying sack of human waste that is Larry Craig.

I know I should be more generous and humane as he is obviously a very troubled individual who, psychologically, cannot come to terms with his own homosexuality and were it not for the fact that his support for bigoted anti-gay measures adversely affects many other humans who don't seek to control the lives of others, maybe I could empathize with Mr. Craig.

Given his character, I have little doubt he will continue to attempt to lie his way out again. And what of our ace political reporter/columnist who took a leave of absence to investigate the senator based on previous reports of his homosexual activities - he couldn't even find an arrest report.

I don't want to hear any more from the Idaho Republican Party and their alleged values - legislate that two loving, committed people that admit their homosexuality cannot be united in marriage (which should be up to the given church) or civil unions but couples like the Craigs, no problem -they'll sanctify their charade.

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