Monday, August 27, 2007


In a manner of speaking anyway.

Republicans. Christians. Values [we'll take it at face value for the purposes of this rant] voters. The Bushes, Romneys, Crapos, and Salies create the Mark Foleys and Larry Craigs of the world. See, for whatever reason, they believe your tripe ... homosexuality is bad. Then when they're forced to hide and suppress their natural human emotions and urges they seek out the safety of strangers and anonymous assignations.

Yes, Democrats are significantly more accepting and that's why among their ranks they have Barney Frank, an openly gay congressman in a committed relationship living in that sinful state of Massachusetts where homosexual couples are allowed to wed. [It should be noted that MA has the lowest divorce rate in the U. S. -so much for destroying heterosexual marriage; the highest rate by far being in those christian values red states -go figure]

So, here's a clue people. No matter what your beliefs and your ignorance of biology tell you, you have as much choice in deciding your eye color as individuals have in "choosing" their sexual orientation and no amount of prayer is going to change that. [or change anything for that matter as studies have shown]

I know, I don't have any links to reference material tonight but I am just so sick of the pious and their continual obsession with controlling the lives of others that they can do their own searches and find the damn data themselves -it's readily available.[though that doesn't mean it's within their grasp]

Yes, starting tomorrow we'll hear their reactions (to something that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone with an IQ above 12 and not in religious denial) and on whatever bizarre scale they have of sin gradation, you can be sure that it won't be Craig's deceit, or the damage he's caused to others lives that will cause their disappointment and anger ... it'll be his homosexuality. It's bad. It may not be mentioned as often in the bible as greed or sloth but surely that's an oversight because it's even worse than murder. Abortions be damned but we'll have our death penalty. Can I get an amen?

Okay, I'm done now but I won't feel better until they keep their damn religion out of our government and laws. And read some friggin history books people - yes, Sali, that means you.

How about some Thomas Paine, you know one of the guys who actually fought for our freedom and without whom our little revolution would likely have failed. Yes, Tom Paine, the revolution, the constitution -an avowed atheist. And not the only one. There's a difference between being a nation of *christians which, by majority, we are now and a *christian nation which we were not and, hopefully, will never be. Amen.

*Don't comment to tell me I forgot to capitalize christian(s); if I thought it worthy of a capital I'd have given it one.

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