Monday, February 04, 2008

It Takes a Swede

To point out what myself and others, who are not caught up in the groundswell of the making-history rationale of candidate selection, have seen all along ... we have no left. Of the two Republican-lites, Obama is the worst. This is the kind of pandering, faith-based bipartisan wheeling and dealing you can expect with his leadership. The pretzel politician; he'll Bob-Barker us into oblivion.

Hillary stands up for MoveOn and votes against senate condemnation for their Petraeus ad, while Obama, as is often the case for controversial votes, doesn't bother to vote. MoveOn members endorse Obama.

Ah ... the American electorate. None more fickle, shallow, lazy or ill-informed. And so it is that:
From a European perspective, US politics are an ongoing battle between the extreme Right and the middle Right. The Republican presidential candidates are really, really scary people in my view. So all of us in the world at large who live under the shadow of US political hegemony are holding our breaths, hoping that Clinton or Obama will make it into office. They're pretty bad, but the alternative would be unspeakably dreadful.
The bar so low but the placement ... ours.