Sunday, October 11, 2009


Since my itunes library has grown I've found there are way too many pieces I don't hear often enough so I've taken to spending a little time each day, either with my cuppa in the am or in the wee hours, streamlining (removing unnecessary duplicates of slightly different versions, reducing all the artwork to 202 x 202 pixels) and rating the tunes. I'm now in the "Fs" and just came across this:

And I couldn't help but think of the phenomenon that Michael Jackson had become - and not to take anything away from acknowledging his musical genius but ... Stevie 12. Years. Old. Damn.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel Awarded on Spec

Excuse me? Obama was awarded a Nobel Peace prize?

It's not unusual for many to disagree with any particular choice of the committee, however, I can't recall another instance where an award was given (other than the presidency of the US - but not a Nobel) on speculation of actions based on rhetoric.

What. A. Joke. This diminishes all other prizes awarded by the committee.

To borrow from Barney Frank, on what planet do they spend most of their time?