Friday, January 29, 2010

At Least There's Hope For Kansas

The state of our country under McNotSoHopeyEven LessChangey may not be too great but at least murder is still murder in the Kansas bible belt.

Now that a Kansas jury has decided that bogus religious beliefs are not justification for murder maybe elsewhere in the country it will be decided that neither are they justification for the denial of equal rights. Well, at least until it gets to the yahoos that decided corporate free speech rights were included in our Constitution.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Look what was hiding in 'drafts' - don't know why I didn't publish at the time ... maybe I was going to add something. Oh well...

The Lede of this NY Times article is News Analysis A Year Later, Voters Send A Different Message

Conventional wisdom proffered by some media hack (in this instance Adam Nagourney though insert name here would fit just as well) has for too long been conflated as analysis rather than mere opinion. Don't get me wrong, Obama and the Dems will no doubt take away the villagers garbled opinion on the Repug win in MA and do more of what they're already doing wrong but that doesn't make the conclusion(s) correct.

Was a different message sent or was it a signal that the original message about wanting change had fallen on deaf ears. I don't think most citizens do want bipartisanship - what they want is apartisanship -they want congress to act as though the most important thing they do is not get re-elected but act as public servants while they're in office and represent the citizens day in and day out.

I still can't fathom why anyone would have thought that Obama would have effected any change but we live with the electorate we have not the electorate we wish we would have.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Shorter SCOTUS

We know how the biologically ignorant religious bigots don't have a rational leg to stand on but we don't want the American public at large to see what assholes they are so we say it wouldn't be fair to broadcast the Prop 8 proceedings. Keeping the citizenry in the dark is the job of the Supreme Court of the United States ... didn't you know?

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