Tuesday, August 04, 2009

PSA - Opportunity

An opportunity is what the CableOne phone center rep called it. When I called to ask why, as a long-time customer of theirs, I was paying the monthly rate for 'premium' service but receiving the transmission rates of of 'standard' service, the rep informed me that as consumers called they were being made aware of the 'opportunity' to upgrade speeds for the same service fee or maintain their existing broadband speed at a reduced rate ($10/month).

Also, presumably in an effort to maintain cable television viewers, they have put daily usage limits that will be prohibitive of video streaming - let's say if you want to watch a movie through Netflix. Where's the FCC when they're needed?

So, if you've been with CableOne for awhile I suggest you contact them to ensure you don't continue to be overcharged because they're certainly not going to contact you.