Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Privileged Jerk-off Rapists and...

the assholes that protect them.

Austin Zehnder:


Will Frey:

raped 16 year-old Savannah Dietrich boasted about it and spread cell phone video of their antics. Jefferson County District Court Judge Deana "Dee" McDonald:

didn't merely accept a plea agreement that represented less than a slap on the wrist (allowing entry of their pleas as juveniles) but also issued a gag order to the victim so that she couldn't name her attackers.  She (Savannah) has since (rightfully so) disobeyed the order and thankfully won't be charged.

These fine young upstanding citizens currently reside in Louisville, Kentucky and attend (of course) a good christian (catholic) all-boys college prep, Trinity High School where they play LaCrosse for the Shamrocks as members of the class of 2013. So, they'll most likely remain in Louisville for another year but then it's on to college so remember these faces young ladies because it's doubtful that they've learned anything about what it takes to be a caring human being from this episode.

The judge, who was apparently elected in 2010 will no doubt remain on the bench and can be reached at the Louis D. Brandeis Hall Of Justice, 6000 W Jefferson St. in Louisville, KY 40202, (502) 595-4960.